Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Will is Driving :)

Yes, my baby boy is 15 as of Monday, and we got his learner's permit. He has been waiting for this day since he was about 4 years old. I couldn't make him wait any longer, so I took him driving the same place I took his older brother and sister when they started. We live on the edge of the city and it's not very far to go to find more secluded, country-road driving.

The weather was beautiful.

After we drove a few miles, we stopped at Buddy Boy's for some refreshment (and photo ops!)
We continued on our merry way and talked about things you need to know when driving in traffic. We came upon this road sign and I had to laugh, it reminded me of PeeWee's Big Adventure :)
We happened upon a small park by the St Johns and of course we had to stop for the beginnings of a gorgeous sunset.
All in all, he did a great job driving for the first time. To be honest, he pretty much took to it like a fish in water. Considering how long he's been dreaming of it, I wasn't really surprised :)

Happy Birthday, you'll always be "Baby Will" to me :)


Alan said...

Buddy Boy's? Where's that? Congrats - three down, 13 more years to go... :)

Just Plain Sweet said...

Awwww, so sweet!

Pat's Tuesday said...

I can't believe he is old enough to drive I remember when I had him in the toddler class. Love thw sunset picture.

Gramma L said...

Those babies grow up way too fast.
This was a cute post. One for the scrapbook and future video!
Happy Birthday "Baby Will"

PS- I still remember the day Melissa drove by herself for the first time - we stood in the front yard and watched till she was out of sight (with tears). And just look at her now - you can't keep her home.

Thomas Lester said...

Hey Sharon - Where's Buddy Boy's?

Sharon said...

Tom, Buddy Boy's is on State road 13, past 16. Keep on going and it's on the left.