Thursday, August 21, 2008

Windy Weather

We haven't had a whole lot from Tropical Storm Fay in our neck of the woods. A little rain, a little wind, that's about it. :) Looks like she's all bark and not much bite. There have been a few trees down around town, but I guess our area got the weakest side of her. We still have about 36 hrs to go of her (according to our local weatherman), so we'll see. She may have something up her sleeve yet.

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Gramma L said...

What a difference a few miles makes. After another exhilarating day at the ocean I came home to no power. I sat on my back pation for over 2 hours with still no power. Finally I decided to drive back over to the other side of town, and it was pretty rough. Finally, I'm back in the house and I have power. Maybe I should back cookies tomorrow. hehe!

Gramma L said...

oops - that should be patio

Gawdess said...

I love the wild dancing of the trees in these pictures