Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wild Adventures Day 2 ~ Splash Island

We spent the 2nd day at the water park. Needless to say, we had a much cooler day! It's a pretty cool water park, with the standard water-park attractions. The lazy river ...
Splash and slide play complex. This was pretty neat, but RJ wasn't into it because no matter where you are, water is constantly spraying or falling into your face from somewhere. I didn't care for that either. Too many years of wearing contacts I guess, can't stand water in my face...
They had some great water slides. This is "Tri-phoon" (although a more appropriate name would be 'the Wedgie-nator'!), 3 water slides that are very high, and very fast. We had a great time on those.

They also have slides that you go down sitting on intertubes.
RJ had most of his fun in "Tadpole Cove", with slides and water fun just his size. :)
If you're in the Southeastern US, and you like water parks, I recommend it :)
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Gawdess said...
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Gawdess said...

I swear that you are one of the best ads for your country ever!