Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More of my Favorite Shots from Wild Adventures :)

These little guys were adorable. They had a dove release in the park, and these little boys were terrified of those doves. The handler finally got them to pet the bird, and then they helped him release it. Their expressions were priceless. :)

Will was in the bumper cars and his car got stuck. He was begging people to bump him and get him loose, and he finally got loose, and drove 4 feet before the ride was over :)
Acting silly on the baby roller coaster. :) It had about a 4-inch hill to go down. It's amazing what teenagers will do to entertain their 3 year old baby brother.
This? Have no idea. They were there, I took a picture :)
We saw the Veggietales show. RJ went on stage for part of it, but when these characters came out, he would have nothing to do with them! I made Mikell pose with them for me :)
Thumbs up to Daddy while waiting for the train to start moving.
And Daddy riding the little choo-choo :) RJ was the conductor up front.
Will going down the slide on a croaker sack :) Check out my My Flickr Pics to see RJ's experience with this slide.
Mikell and his new scaly friend. There was a guy and girl walking around the park carrying this little gator with his snout taped shut. They would let people hold him and then take a picture. You know, where they give you a ticket and you go view your pictures at the end of the day, and they hope you buy one? The guy was taking pictures with a Nikon. I asked him why I would pay for that rubbish when I had a perfectly good Canon around my neck?!?!? He was a good sport, he laughed and confided that he was actually a Canon man, himself.
And THIS...this thing just tickled me to death. I can't remember what it's called, but it had the funniest expressions. :)
RJ bonding with some other youngsters at the petting zoo. :)
And Melinda riding the kiddie-coaster while RJ was riding the "Duckie Boats" :)


Floridacracker said...

Sounds like you all had a blast.
There used to be a big croaker sack slide behind Regency Square mall when I was a kid.
Lots of fun.

Sharon said...

We did FC, it was good to all spend time together. :) I felt sorry for that little gator though, he couldn't have been too happy with that business. I guess he was used to it though, he didn't struggle. He just seemed to go with the flow.

Dianne said...

You got some great pictures! Looks like a fun family time!

Gawdess said...

your family is beautiful!!!!
your eye is very good and of course a canon is so the right tool for the job ;)!
really enjoyed all the pictures and the expression on that one critters face is priceless!!!

concretegodmother said...

that is possibly the most hilarious animal expression i've ever beheld...and i've seen some pretty funny ones! seems it should be entered into a contest or something. poor baby gator, though. :-( and watch it with the nikon bashing, y'all! i'm pretty sprung on mine! :-)