Sunday, March 30, 2008

Welcome Home!! :)

When you attend the same church for years and years, you learn to accept that people come and go. Some are harder to say goodbye to than others, and that was the case with this couple:

These are two of my most favorite people, have been for, oh, over twenty years now! She and I shared a pair of cockatiels, and he video'd my wedding. They left our church a while back to serve elsewhere for a time, and today they came back, and we are so happy they did :)

(when I took their pic for the new members board, she asked me if it would end up on my blog. I was already planning to, but it was a definite after she said that! LOL)

Mr. T and Mrs. B, love ya ;)
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Just Plain Sweet said...

Hey, they are some of my most favorite people, too! Love you guys!