Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

We have gone to the beach for the last 3 years to see fireworks. It's usually pretty good, we go far down from the pier (where they set them off) and it's not been too crowded ~ until THIS year...

We try to get there while it's still daylight so RJ can play in the water for a while. He kept edging further and further out, until his Daddy was wet to his waist! LOL

This year, it was extremely crowded, and there was a large party of drunks right by us, setting off illegal fireworks. It was dangerous, and loud, and RJ was crying to leave before 9pm because of it. This picture is all I have to thank them for ~ I was taking pictures of the condos on the beach when they set off another one, it caused the red cast in this one, which I liked :)

Oh well, whether in the USA or elsewhere, hope you had a happy 4th, whatever you did! :)


Gawdess said...

I am sorry that there were goofballs that made rj and everyone else upset but I do like your pictures.

granmal said...

You just should of put him in his swim suit! I love that first picture - It would make a great picture enlarged over a mantle. I didn't get any pictures on the 4th - we didn't feel like traffic fighting.