Saturday, September 8, 2007

Uninvited Guest

UGH GROSS GROSS GROSS!!! Living in Florida, we have lots of "uninvited guests", but I think I hate this one more than any of them. We have had pest control, treated the yard, filled in the cracks where pipes come in, etc etc, but they KEEP COMING BACK. They get worse when it's rainy. Nasty little suckers...I prefer to shower ALONE, thankyouverymuch!
I have gotten into the habit of shaking out my towel before I use it, and if I hang my pj's over the wall by the tub, I shake them out too. These things like to get in stuff and hide, and yes, those pincers on the back do work. I had one get on me in the shower and pinched me on the stomach. Did I say GROSS?!?? :)


Ampersand said... really should move?

Emily said...

yeah I second that, ewwww

Sharon said...

LOL, I know!!

Melissa said...

Moving does sound good. So where can you go that doesn't have any bugs? Hawaii sounds good to me. :)