Monday, June 9, 2008

Road Trip

Ok, catch up time :) A week ago Saturday, we took a little trip to a place called MIAMI...took our lives in our hands, is what we did.

This highway here is the BIGGEST joke in Florida, IMO. It is the "Florida Turnpike"...and our google directions told us to take it. It is a toll road, and it cost us $7.00 to travel on it. The kicker is that you can SEE Interstate 95 from the FL turnpike - which is a FREE highway...oh well, live and learn, right?
I guess since they rake in so much moolah, they can afford these nifty decorative noise-barrier walls. Ours here in town don't have any birds on them...
and all to pick up this for my husband -
isn't it cute? And it gets a lot better gas mileage. Mission accomplished! We got home at 4am. And yes...we had RJ with us and he did great :)
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Old Wom Tigley said...

That looks really neat.