Monday, April 28, 2008

Her Big Debut

My daughter loves music, it's a major part of her life. A great deal of her waking hours are spent playing her guitar, singing, and listening to music. She started writing her own songs quite a while ago. She wrote one a few months ago, and she asked me if she should play it for her Youth choir director, and see what he thought of it. Of course I thought she should :) She finally played it and sang for him a couple of weeks ago, and of course he loved it. He asked her if she would be willing to sing it in church service yesterday. The youth had a large part in yesterday's services, after their yearly "D-Now" discipleship weekend. She agreed, and she was marvelous. No, really, I'm not just saying that because I'm her Mom...she was! If I had videotaped it, I'd share it with you. :) As my brother said, she has this Alanis Morrisette vibe, only with Christian lyrics.

I'm proud of her talent, yes, but more than that, I'm happy that she has such a heart for Jesus and a commitment to serve Him. Here are the words to her song:

Here I am send me.
Those five words I said
This way my child of light
Where does my life begin?

Lord show me where
Use me to burn your path
Use me to show the world
That you’re here

I’m so small and weak
Build me with your strength
Before I can help you make change
Rescue me - from me

Lord show me where
Use me to burn your path
Use me to show the world
That you’re here

God you have to lead the way
Only you have might to save
Show the world your glorious light
Use me to fight the good fight

I march into the war
I turn my back on man
Persecution is my joy
Now I make you glad

Lord show me where
Use me to burn your path
Use me to show the world
That you’re here
That you’re here
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Allen said...

I am truly glad I was able to be there last night. She really did shine His Light. Well Done!

Uncle Nappy :)

granmal said...

I'm so sorry I missed this. We had to continue clearing out D's house - on a time crunch - Melissa said it was beautiful and she was great. Speaking as a parent - The thing I'm most proud of is my children's commitment to the Lord the way the live it. That is a most awesome blessing - You are blessed when your children honor and walk in His ways. As for the video - (don't you have connections?)

Alan said...

Sorry I wasn't able to be there. Erin assures me she was great.

Old Wom Tigley said...

She certainly as talent and she is using it how she sees best.. what pride that must give you.

Gawdess said...

she is so lovely!

Pat said...

I am so sorry I missed it.
It sounds like I missed a great service. I agree with grammal, as a parent our children's commitment to the Lord and their salvation is what makes us most proud.

Mike said...

What a heart she has! That's wonderful. Blessings :)

Just Plain Sweet said...

God really spoke through her song along with the rest of the service. Loved it!